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Resource: DVD (D4104) Uppity Women of the Bible: Esther     
Series: (D4100=) Uppity Women of the Bible
Author: Lisa Wolfe, Ph.D
Publisher: Living the Questions, 2010
Vendor: Living the Questions
Subjects: Bible Stories; Bible Study: OT; women
# Copies: 4
 Description: Enter into an exotic and fanciful Persian Kingdom complete with a dim-witted King, a defiant queen, an egotistical lieutenant and a loyal uncle. With lavish banquets, extreme beauty treatments and dangerous liaisons at every turn, can the beautiful and courageous Esther avert disaster for her people? All this occurs in a Biblical book where God is never mentioned. Dr. Lisa Wolfe digs deeply and lovingly into this complex story so bring your Purim gragger and your hamantaschen--if you don't know what those are you'll find out in chapter two--and join her for a fascinating study of power, corruption, violence and courage.

Chapters include:
Who's who?
Setting the Stage
The Defiant Queen
From Coronation to Doomsday
The King's Scepter
Uppity Esther?

Dr. Wolfe earned her Ph.D in Hebrew Bible from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and Northwestern University's joint program in Religious and Theological Studies. Dr. Wolfe is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. She is an Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at Oklahoma City University.

"We were looking for a study that would cover 7 weeks and this fit our needs well. It was different than any other book of the bible that we have studied…well-received and enjoyed by the group…we held a Purim celebration at the last lesson complete with a horse and crown, noise makers, bridal veils, finger foods (Haman's hats) and sparkling juice." FUN!
Per Gary Comfort of Sunrise UMC in July 2012
Age Groups: High School; Young Adult; Adult (30-55); Adult (55+)

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