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D5098  DVD  The Journey  Adam Hamilton  
D4770  DVD  Eclipsing Empire, Disk 1: Sessions 1-6  Marcus Borg  
P004  Projector  Projector: ViewSonic PJ402D     
D4150  DVD  24 Hours That Changed the World  Adam Hamilton  
P011  Projector  Projector BenQ SP920P     
D4771  DVD  Eclipsing Empire, Disk 2: Sessions 7-12     
D4115  DVD  What Does It Mean to Be United Methodist     
D4225  DVD  When Christians Get It Wrong  Adam Hamilton  
D4761  DVD  Living the Questions 2.0: Disk 1, Sessions 1-7     
D4181  DVD  NOOMA: Dust  Rob Bell  
D4763  DVD  Living the Questions, 2.0: Disk 3, Sessions 15-21     
D4309  DVD  Christianity and World Religions: Wrestling with Questions People Ask  Adam Hamilton  
AS01  Audio - Speaker  QSC K10 Powered Speaker     
D4101  DVD  Uppity Women of the Bible: Ruth  Lisa Wolfe, Ph.D  
D5030  DVD  Living the Questions: First Light Disk 1     
d5610  DVD  Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity & Generosity  Adam Hamilton  
D4762  DVD  Living the Questions, 2.0: Disk 2, Sessions 8-14     
D4431  DVD  NOOMA: Rhythm  Rob Bell  
d5033  DVD  United Methodism 101     
D2016  DVD  re:form Traditions (Methodist)  Sparkhouse  
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