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Resource: DVD (D4101) Uppity Women of the Bible: Ruth     
Series: (D4100=) Uppity Women of the Bible
Author: Lisa Wolfe, Ph.D
Publisher: Living the Questions, 2010
Vendor: Living the Questions
Subjects: Bible Stories; Bible Study: OT; women
# Copies: 4
Description: Journey through the book of Ruth in 7 sessions with Dr. Lisa Wolfe. This lively and thoughtful examination considers the vulnerability of widows and the difficult situation for foreigners in biblical times. Explore thems of loyalty , bitterness, courage, poverty and seduction. What really happened on the threshing room floor? Combining humor and careful scholarship, this study invites you to re-read the book of Ruth with new insight and understanding for all its characters, expecially the intelligent, confident, "uppity" heroine Ruth.

Chapter titles include: Bittersweet, In case of Emergency, The Go'e,l
A King's Ancestry, Understanding Ruth, An Uppity Woman? Grace and Hospitality

Dr. Wolfe earned her Ph.D in Hebrew Bible from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and Northwestern University's joint program in Religious and Theological Studies. Dr. Wolfe is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and an Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at Oklahoma City University.

Says Linda Weistaner of Grace UMC "We love this series and will order more. The presenter is very easy to understand and is very animated. Fun!" December 2010
Age Groups: High School; Young Adult; Adult (30-55); Adult (55+)

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