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Resource: Book (B4565) Sundays and Seasons: Preaching, Year C 2019     
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, 2018
Length: 296 pages
Subjects: Worship
Location: on top of file cabinets
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9781451496178
 Description: Sundays and Seasons: Preaching is an annual resource in the Sundays and Seasons family that considers the sermon in the context of the assembly gathered around word and sacrament on a particular day and within a particular season of the church year.

Featuring new commentary and ideas for proclamation, Sundays and Seasons: Preaching

Encourages and provides helps for lectionary preaching, taking into account all the readings for the day, in addition to the rest of the worship service and the day itself in the lectionary year
Deepens engagement with the lectionary's goal of proclaiming the living Word, Jesus Christ
Provides interpretation and helps, giving many points of connection for diversity of worshipers and spiritual needs
Situates preaching within the larger task of worship planning

Sundays and Seasons: Preaching provides new commentary and ideas for proclamation, contributed by practicing preachers as well as scholars, together with succinct notes on each day and its readings.

From a Scholar brings the perspective of one who comes at the day and readings from a scholar's approach.
From a Preacher brings the insights of a practicing preacher contemplating the day.
Lectionary Notes prepared by Gail Ramshaw include "This Day and Its Readings," "The Readings in the Bible," "Images in the Readings," and "Connections with the Liturgy."
Age Groups: Adult (30-55); Adult (55+)

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