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BK5CX011  Book  PAUSES FOR PENTECOST: 50 words for Easter People  Hudson, Trevor  
KT5BX077  Kit  Restored: Finding Redemption in Our Mess  Berlin, Tom  
BK5BX374  Book  The Lord Is Our Salvation: A Lenten Study Based on the Revised Common Lectionary  Dawson, Katie Z.  
BK5BX373  Book  Messy Easter: Three Complete Sessions and a Treasure Trove of Ideas for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter  Leadbetter, Jane  
BK8AX200  Book  Trade Your Cares For Calm  Lucado, Max  
BK5BX372  Book  Embracing the Uncertain: 40 Devotions for Unsteady Times  deVega, Magrey <../../../forms/bookstore.aspx?cont  
BK5BX371  Book  Embracing the Uncertain: A Lenten Study for Unsteady Times  Devega, Magrey  
BK5BX370  Book  He set His face to Jerusalem : A Lenten study for adults  Wilke, Richard B.  
BK5BX369  Book  Essential Lent: Holy Moments and Sacred Experiences for Your Whole Congregation  Jannsohn, Aimee, editor  
BK6AX064  Book  WHEN A NATION FORGETS GOD  Lutzer, Erwin  
BK1BD167  Book  Church mergers: A guidebook for missional change  Bandy, Thomas G.  
BK2MD050  Book  Messy church: Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centered community  Moore, Lucy  
BK8AC105  Book  Love Your Bible: Finding Your Way to the Presence of God with a 12th Century Monk  Hansen, Gary  
BK8AA110 L  Book  Life Lessons: Book of Ezra & Nehemiah  Lucado, Max  
BK8EA026  Book  Then Sings My Soul: 150 Greatest Hymn Stories  Morgan, Robert  
CU8AA045  Curriculum  Being Reformed: The Apostle's Creed  McKellar, Kim  
BK2MD049  Book  Starting Your Messy Church: A Beginner's Guide for Churches  Moore, Lucy  
DVD2EX014  DVD  Jonah: The musical     
BK8ED089  Book  CALLED TO LOVE: Connecting the Lectionary to Real Life  Yeager, John  
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