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Resource: DVD (PURCOW) Pursued: Gods Relentless Love for YOU DVD     
Author: Cowart, Jennifer
Publisher: Abingdon Press, 2021
Vendor: Christian Book Distributors
Length: 6 sessions
Heading: BST-WOM — Bible Study / Women's Study
Subjects: Bible Study; God's Love
Location: BST
# Copies: 1 (1 previous reservation found)
  Copy A: 8/13/2021-11/1/2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9781791014797
Description: Discover how God is pursuing you as you explore His relentless love from Genesis to Revelation in Pursued by Jennifer Cowart.

We all want to be loved. We long to be desired, pursued —whether by a special someone, our friends, or others in our lives. This longing for love and acceptance is the underlying story of many of our lives, and it's the overarching story we see throughout the Scriptures. Although the Bible tells many stories, the main theme is God’s relentless love for us.

In Pursued, a six-week Bible study by Jennifer Cowart, we will explore God’s great love for us from Genesis to Revelation. We will see that God passionately pursues people who do not deserve His love, and we are those people!

Like Cain, Abraham, Sarah, Rebekah, David, the woman caught in adultery, Peter, and so many others, we are the ones who have broken relationship with God. But He runs after us anyway to bring us home.

In this study, we will explore God’s love as evidenced in the stories of creation, the patriarchs, the judges and prophets, Jesus, and the early church. Together we will dive into a great love story and discover that it is our story!

Through this study women will:

- See the big picture of God’s love for them throughout the Scriptures
- Discover that God wants a personal relationship with them
- Experience God’s relentless love for them individually
- Realize that God never stops pursuing them

Six 20 to 25-minute segments

Session Descriptions
Week 1
In the video for week 1, Jen explores Genesis 1 to show that since the very beginning God has pursued us with a relentless love, even sending His own Son to pursue us. God’s plan has always been for us to live in a rich, full relationship with Him.
Week 2
In the video for week 2, Jen shares the story of Leah from Genesis 29 to explore what it means to feel unloved and overlooked and discover that you are chosen by God. Whatever disappointments and hurts we face, God see us, pursues us, and is always enough for us.
Week 3
In the video for week 3, Jen digs into the story of Hosea and Gomer to paint a picture of unwavering commitment and unconditional love and forgiveness for us. God pursues us despite our massive failures, and that’s very good news.
Week 4
In the video for week 4, Jen shows that God’s rescue mission through Jesus was never plan B but always plan A. God paid the price for your life—a price you could not afford—because God delights in you.
Week 5
In the video for week 5, Jen explores the stories of the woman caught in adultery and the thief on the cross to show us God’s passionate pursuit of us. She reminds us that salvation is amazingly simple, God’s love is available to us no matter what we’ve done, our salvation depends on faith alone.
Week 6
In the video for week 6, Jen discusses how to be a pursued pursuer, sharing Christ with others by inviting them to "come and see" and being a show-and-tell believer. She also shares three suggestions that can help us prepare to pursue others for Jesus.
Materials: DVD
Leader's Guide
Participant's Guide
Links:Promo: https://youtu.be/auNMeYXeeRE
Age Groups: Young Adult; Adult (30-65); Adult (65+)

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