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DVD272EC  Digital Video Disc  Parenting Children Course  Lee, Nicky  
DVD271EC  Digital Video Disc  Parenting Teenagers Course  Lee, Nicky  
B345EC  Book  Is Jesus the Only Way? (Tough Questions Series)  Poole, Garry/ Poling, Judson  
B344EC  Book  How Does Anyone Know God Exists?(Tough Questions Series)  Poole  
DVD270EC  Digital Video Disc  God Heard Their Cry (Faith Lessons, Vol. 8): 5 Faith Lessons  Vander Laan, Ray  
DVD269EC  Digital Video Disc  The best yes : Making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands  TerKeurst, Lysa.  
DVD268  Digital Video Disc  True Christmas Story, The: Herod the Great, Jesus the King  Vander Laan, Ray and Markham, Judith  
DVD267EC  Digital Video Disc  Beloved Disciple, The Life and Ministry of John  Moore, Beth  
B343.6EC  Book  The Mission:Joining God in His Work, Disciples Path Series  Lifeway Adults Lifewa  
B343.5EC  Book  The Life:Living the Spiritual Disciplines, Disciples Path Series  Lifeway Adults Lifewa  
B343.4EC  Book  The Truth: Engaging the Foundations of the Faith, Disciples Path Series  Lifeway Adults Lifewa  
B343.3EC  Book  The Call: Counting the Cost of Following Christ, Disciples Path Series  Lifeway Adults Lifewa  
B343.2EC  Book  The Way: Discovering Christ's Path of Discipleship, Disciples Path Series  Lifeway Adults Lifewa  
B343.1EC  Book  The Beginning: First Steps for New Disciples, Disciples Path Series  Lifeway Adults Lifewa  
B343EC=  Book  Disciples Path Series, The Complete Series  Lifeway Adults Lifewa  
DVD266EC  Digital Video Disc  Walking With God in the Desert  Vander Laan, Ray  
DVD265EC  Digital Video Disc  Fight: A DVD Study: Winning the Battles That Matter Most  Groeschel, Craig  
DVD264EC  Digital Video Disc  Early Church Discovery Guide Revised & Expanded Volume 5 Conquering the Gates of Hell  Vander Laan, Ray.  
DVD263EC  Digital Video Disc  Embrace Grace: Welcome to the Forgiven Life  Higgs, Liz Curtis  
DVD262  Digital Video Disc  Fireproof: Never Leave Your Partner Behind  Wilson, Eric  
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