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ResCode Type Title Author
E3004  Equipment  Video Projector-4     
E3003  Equipment  Video Projector-3     
E3002  Equipment  Video Projector - 2     
E3000  Equipment  Video Projector-1     
VHS9998  Video  Who Moved My Cheese?  Johnson, Spencer  
VHS9903  Video  FISH! Catch the Energy. Release the Potential.     
E3058  Equipment  Screen(6-foot)-2     
VHS1147  Video  FISH! (copy 2) Catch the Energy. Release the Potential.     
DVD1379  DVD  If You Want to Walk on Water You 've Got to Get Out of the Boat Copy #2  John Ortberg  
DVD8760  DVD  God is Closer Than You Think  John Ortberg  
DVD8579  DVD  Becoming a Contagious Christian Updated:(6-part)  Mittelberg, Strobel & Hybels  
VHS9367  Video  Real Leaders Real Stories:Leadership: an Art of Possibility  Ben Zander & Roz Zander  
DVD9438  DVD  Seeing Gray In A World of Black And White Copy #1  Adam Hamilton  
DVD8008  DVD  Nooma Dust Copy #4  Robert Bell  
DVD1106  DVD  Faith Lessons on the Life & Ministry of the Messiah Copy #3  Ray Vander Laan  
VHS9009  Video  Wrestling With Angels Tape 1*  Campolo, Yancey, Foster, Smedes, L'Engle, Miller  
DVD8152  DVD  Christianity and World Religions Westling with Questions People Ask Copy #2  Adam Hamilton  
VHS8209  Video  What Does It Mean to Be United Methodist? Copy #2     
DVD1225  DVD  Nooma Rain Copy #3  Robert Bell  
DVD8956  DVD  Nooma Breathe  Robert Bell  
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