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CD48  Compact Disk  Think Series     
DVD421  DVD  God's Answers to Life's Difficult Questions  kRick Warren  
B4033  Book  Miracle Boy Grows Up  Ben Mattlin  
B4032  Book  Macmillan Bible Atlas  Aharoni, Yohanon & Avi-Yonah  
B4031  Book  For Pastors of Small Churches  Philpott, Kent  
B4030  Book  Reopening the Back Door  Haugk, Kenneth  
B4029  Book  Matthew  Long, Thomas  
B4028  Book  Book of Order 2017-2019     
DVD420  DVD  The Miracle of Mercy  Rick Warren  
B4027  Book  Hospitality, the sacred art  Nanette Sawyer  
DVD415  DVD  The Distinctiveness of Presbyterianism - Tape 1  Dr. Isabel Wood Rogers  
B4026  Book  The Lightning Bear  Shearly, Mary  
B4025  Book  In That Rich Earth  Shearly, Mary  
B4024  Book  Amazing Grace  Shearly, Mary  
B4023  Book  Waking Up White  Debby Irving  
B4022  Book  Race in a Post-Obama America: The Church Responds  Maxwell, David, Editor  
B4021  Book  Intercultural Ministry: Hope for a Changing World  Gracve Ji-Sun Kim  
B4020  Book  Faithful Resistance: Gospel Visions for the Church in a Time of Empire  Rick Ufford-Chase  
B4019  Book  Commentary on the Confession of 1967  Dowey, Edward  
B4018  Book  Presbyterians; people of the middle way, student text  Hassall, Harry  
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