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B4014  Book  The Strategically Small Church  Bra;ndon J. O'Brien  
B4013  Book  2017 Older Adult Ministries Planning Guide  Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network  
DVD405  DVD  fJesus Interprets His Own Person  Ken Bailey  
B4012  Book  At the Crossroads  Carol Geisler  
B4011  Book  A Crown of Glory: A Bible St6udy for Older Adults  Carol Geisler  
B4010  Book  The Word at Work: History, Scripture and Reflections on the Reformation  Carol Geisler  
DVD404  DVD  The Storm Inside  Sheila Walsh  
B4009  Book  Commentaries on Isaiah  Matthew Henry  
B4008  Book  Shepherds went with haste  Kersting, Chris  
B4007  Book  Imagination and the journey of faith  Levy, Sandra  
B4006  Book  The God Questions  Seed, Hal & Dan Grider  
B4005  Book  The Hidden Lives of Congregatins  Galindo, Israel  
B4004  Book  Critical Minds & Discerning Hearts  Talvacchia, Kathleen  
B4003  Book  Strengthening the Soul of your leadership  Barton, Ruth Haley  
B4002  Book  Leadership Secrets of Billy graham  Myra, Harold & M. Shelley  
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