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R24268  Booklet  What Is Communion?     
R24269  Booklet  What Is Communion?     
R24341  Booklet  Free Indeed: Devotions for Lent 2017  Alanis, Javier and Baker-Trinity, Jennifer Edison-Albright, Anne Ruge-  
R24343  Booklet  Discipleship: Creating a Discipleship Process for Your Church Participant Workbook  Willard, Ken  
R24432  Booklet  I Can Only Imagine Leader's Guide     
r24469  Booklet  Food in God's Word     
R24679  Booklet  Muslim Faith and Values: What Every Christian Should Know  Hunt, Robert  
R24561  Booklet  In the Footsteps of Christ: His Mission and His Message - Prayer Book     
R24569  Booklet  You Are the Way: Devotions for Lent 2018  Baker-Trinity, Jennifer and Lewis, Karoline J. Ruffcorn, Kevin E. Step  
R24386  Book  Down to Earth  Slaughter, Mike  
R24387  Book  Down to Earth Leader Guide  Slaughter, Mike  
R24394  Book  Gospel Parallels: A Comparison of the Synoptic Gospels  Throckmorton, Burton H.  
R24395  Book  Journey to Easter     
R24396  Book  The Life of Jesus     
R24397  Book  From Surviving to Thriving  Krahn, John H.  
C4056  Book  150 Opening and Closing Prayers  Koch, Carl  
R24516  Book  The Jesus Creed for Students  McKnight, Scot  
C3804  Booklet  Stewardship and Giving: How to Increase the Financial Support of Your Congregation  Martin, Kevin E.  
R8546  Booklet  The Twelve Apostles  Goucker, loice  
R8547  Booklet  David     
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