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Resource: DVD (d1093) Holy Moly Year 1, Unit 1: 12 Old Testament Stories     
Series: (d1093=) Holy Moly
Author: Sparkhouse
Publisher: Augsburg, 2012
Vendor: Augsburg
Length: 60 mins
Subjects: Bible Stories; Bible Study: OT; Children: Ages 3-6; Children: ages 7-11; Faith; Sunday School
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9781451425925
 Description: Holy Moly, a new curricula for children, is designed for Christian Formation of kids aged kindergarten through 2-4 grades. It captures the imagination of kids by bringing the Bible to life.

The four components of the curricula are: Discover, Relate, Connect and Create. Each lesson starts with an animated retelling of a Bible story and an activity to get kids' imaginations engaged. Next they talk about the story and how it relates to them and each other. What surprised them? What made them wonder? Then through the Holy Moly storybook and the Connect Bible kids read or listen to the story again as a way to ground the lesson in scripture and finally the creativity flows as kids complete activities that reinforce the lessons they watched in the video bible story.

You can view story samples at Please note that English language skills are not necessary to understand the video portion. The point of the videos is to engage imaginations and not to limit the audience to English language skills so the soundtrack does not include normal spoken language.

Year1, Unit 1 covers 12 Old Testament Stories: Abraham, Sarah & Abraham, Rebekah & Isaac, Jacob & Esau, Jacob, Joseph I, II, & III, Naomi and Ruth, David, David & Goliath, and Solomon. Leader Packs with information for teachers and Learner Packs with information for children (for those who are pre-readers and for those who can read) are included along with the storybook and DVD. You will need to buy enough Learner packs for all the children in the class. Extra material for children in the class can be purchased through but the curricula set available throught he RMC has everything that a teacher needs to teach this material.
Age Groups: Lower elementary; Upper Elementary

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