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Resource: DVD (D5606) Final Words From The Cross     
Author: Adam Hamilton
Publisher: Abingdon Press, 2011
Vendor: Cokesbury
Length: 69 mins
Subjects: Bible Study: NT; Christ: Life and Ministry; grieving; Lent/Adults; Lent/Holy Week; Sunday School
# Copies: 5
Description: This is a follow-up resource to the Adam Hamilton's DVD/book titled 24 Hours That Changed The World. In this video, Rev. Hamilton examines Christ's dying hours and his final words as seen and heard through the eyes and ears of those who stood near the cross. Perfect for Sunday School or small groups, this DVD contains 7 sessions featuring the teaching and preaching of Adam Hamilton not only on Jesus' final words while on the cross, but also on Jesus' words to the disciples on the road to Emmaus and those who were witnesses to the Resurrection.

Session titles and lengths are:
Father, Forgive Them (10:09)
Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise (8:47)
Behold Your Son…Behold Your Mother (10:26)
My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me (9:05)
I Thirst (10:16)
It Is Finished…Into Your Hand I Commit My Spirit (10:15)
Postscript: The Words After That (10:11)

Karen McCall of Pocatello First UMC said this is the "best Lenten study she has ever participated in." 05/14

Marysville UMC recommends this as a powerful Lenten resource. Be sure to include the Appendix Reference to the meaning of Jesu's death in John's Gospel with Chapter 6" It is finished" when you lead this session. This study gives each of us hope and draws us nearer to our Lord Jesus Christ. It ties the Old and New Testaments together and enriches our reading of Psalms. Mary Stiles 05/14
Age Groups: High School; Young Adult; Adult (30-55); Adult (55+)

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