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Resource: DVD (D4400=) Living the Questions     
Length: 20 mins
Subjects: Abuse; choices; Choir: Vocal/ Handbell; Christ: Life and Ministry; Community; Death Penalty; Discussion Starter; Faith; Faith Questions; grieving; Hot topics; Issues; Music; Racism; Worship
Description: Useful for persons who feel Jesus Christ is relevant for our time in ways that the "Christian Right" has missed. The twelve, 20-minute sessions feature leading progressive and liberal voices, Protestant (Brueggeman, Borg, Rebecca Parker, etc.) and Catholic (Crossan, Fox Kung, etc.). In dealing with deep theological questions, the series may be rather advanced for some average church-goers. But it can also be liberating for persons who have been turned off by a literal and doctrinal Christianity. Be prepared to explain why you believe what you believe!
Age Groups: None specified.

Resources in this series:

  • (D4488) Living the Questions: Saving Jesus, Disk I and II
  • (D4400) Living the Questions: Volume One, Disks I and II
  • (D4761) Living the Questions 2.0: Disk 1, Sessions 1-7
  • (D4762) Living the Questions, 2.0: Disk 2, Sessions 8-14
  • (D4763) Living the Questions, 2.0: Disk 3, Sessions 15-21
  • (D5095) Singing the Unsung
  • (D5097) Questioning Capital Punishment
  • (D1559) Living the Questions: Saving Jesus Redux
  • (D2219) Living the Questions: Violence Divine
  • (D4489) Jesus for the Non-Religious

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