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D4770  DVD  Eclipsing Empire, Disk 1: Sessions 1-6  Marcus Borg  
D4770=  DVD  Eclipsing Empire: Paul, Rome, and the Kingdom of God  Marcus Borg  
D1059  DVD  Embracing An Adult Faith  Marcus Borg  
D4857  DVD  Experiencing the Bible Again for the First Time  Marcus Borg  
D5569  DVD  Dream of God, The: A World of Justice and Non-Violence  Marcus Borg, Joan Chittister, John Dominic Crossan  
D2857  DVD  Faith & Reason II, #02: Does God Use Us?  Marcus Borg/Forrest Harris  
D2860  DVD  Faith & Reason II, #12: What Can We Know About Historical Jesus?  Marcus Borg/Craig Evans  
D2961  DVD  Faith & Reason III, #25: Is What We Believe About Jesus Important?  Marcus Borg/Tex Sample  
V3648=  Video  Death and Resurrection of Jesus  Marcus Borg  
D2957  DVD  Faith & Reason III, #20: What Did Jesus Really Believe About God?  Marcus Borg/Amy-Jill Levine  
D2855  DVD  Faith & Reason II, #13: What Should We Believe About Jesus?  Marcus Borg/Charles Kiblinger  
V2647  Video  Faces on Faith: Marcus Borg  Marcus Borg  
V3560  Video  God at 2000: Marcus Borg  Marcus Borg  
V2431  Video  Jesus at 2000: Marcus Borg  Marcus Borg  
V2431=  Video  Jesus at 2000  Marcus Borg  
V3920=  Video  Pre-Easter Jesus, The  Marcus Borg  
V3920  Video  Pre-Easter Jesus, The, Tape I: Sessions 1-2  Marcus Borg  
V3921  Video  Pre-Easter Jesus, The, Tape II: Sessions 3-4  Marcus Borg  
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