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D4770  DVD  Eclipsing Empire, Disk 1: Sessions 1-6  Marcus Borg  
D4770=  DVD  Eclipsing Empire: Paul, Rome, and the Kingdom of God  Marcus Borg  
D1059  DVD  Embracing An Adult Faith  Marcus Borg  
D4857  DVD  Experiencing the Bible Again for the First Time  Marcus Borg  
D2857  DVD  Faith & Reason II, #02: Does God Use Us?  Marcus Borg/Forrest Harris  
D2860  DVD  Faith & Reason II, #12: What Can We Know About Historical Jesus?  Marcus Borg/Craig Evans  
D2855  DVD  Faith & Reason II, #13: What Should We Believe About Jesus?  Marcus Borg/Charles Kiblinger  
D5569  DVD  Dream of God, The: A World of Justice and Non-Violence  Marcus Borg, Joan Chittister, John Dominic Crossan  
D2961  DVD  Faith & Reason III, #25: Is What We Believe About Jesus Important?  Marcus Borg/Tex Sample  
V3648=  Video  Death and Resurrection of Jesus  Marcus Borg  
D2957  DVD  Faith & Reason III, #20: What Did Jesus Really Believe About God?  Marcus Borg/Amy-Jill Levine  
V2647  Video  Faces on Faith: Marcus Borg  Marcus Borg  
V3560  Video  God at 2000: Marcus Borg  Marcus Borg  
V2431  Video  Jesus at 2000: Marcus Borg  Marcus Borg  
V2431=  Video  Jesus at 2000  Marcus Borg  
V3920=  Video  Pre-Easter Jesus, The  Marcus Borg  
V3920  Video  Pre-Easter Jesus, The, Tape I: Sessions 1-2  Marcus Borg  
V3921  Video  Pre-Easter Jesus, The, Tape II: Sessions 3-4  Marcus Borg  
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