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DVD33  DVD  The Four Acts of Prayer  Wangerin, Jr., Walter  
B307  Book  Celebrations of Faith  Krazl, Carla  
B1576  Book  Stand Up, Sit Down, Sing, Pray.....  Arthur, Patti Thisted  
CR639  Curriculum  Fed and Forgiven: Pre k-k Learner Resources  Ohman-Rodriguez, Jennifer  
DVD29  DVD  Meeting God in Prayer     
B1728  Book  Cloth for the Cradle     
VT191  Video  Discovering Hope: Stories of Hope in Rural Congregations     
CR663  Curriculum  re:form Anti-Work Book     
DVD43  DVD  The Lutheran Course DVD     
B2508  Book  The Lutheran Course Leader Book  Johns, Mark D./Jones, Kenneth Sundet  
VT178  Video  When You Pray: the Lord's Prayer  Nestingen, Dr. James  
DVD1  DVD  The Lutheran Story     
B538  Book  Passover Seder  Thompson, Barbara Balzac  
DVD225  DVD  re:form DVD Set     
B306  Book  Christian Symbols Handbook  Moe, Dean  
DVD43=  DVD  The Lutheran Course     
DVD229  DVD  Good God Questions     
B358  Book  Including Children in Worship  Sandell, Elizabeth J.  
B1545  Book  The New Banner Book  Wolfe, Betty  
DVD228  DVD  Biblical Stewardship: Our Duty and Delight  Powell, Dr. Mark Allan  
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