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B307  Book  Celebrations of Faith  Krazl, Carla  
B1576  Book  Stand Up, Sit Down, Sing, Pray.....  Arthur, Patti Thisted  
CR639  Curriculum  Fed and Forgiven: Pre k-k Learner Resources  Ohman-Rodriguez, Jennifer  
DVD29  DVD  Meeting God in Prayer     
B1728  Book  Cloth for the Cradle     
VT191  Video  Discovering Hope: Stories of Hope in Rural Congregations     
DVD293  DVD  Animate Faith - DVD  Hilton, Allen R./Barnhill, Carla  
CR701  Curriculum  Animate Faith - Journal  Hilton, Allen R./Barnhill, Carla  
CR700  Curriculum  Animate faith- Facilitator Guide  Hilton, Allen R./Barnhill, Carla  
DVD43  DVD  The Lutheran Course DVD     
B2508  Book  The Lutheran Course Leader Book  Johns, Mark D./Jones, Kenneth Sundet  
B538  Book  Passover Seder  Thompson, Barbara Balzac  
VT178  Video  When You Pray: the Lord's Prayer  Nestingen, Dr. James  
DVD1  DVD  The Lutheran Story     
DVD225  DVD  re:form DVD Set     
DVD250  DVD  Teaching the Bible with Children, Youth and Families     
B306  Book  Christian Symbols Handbook  Moe, Dean  
CR727  Curriculum  Echo the Story: Youth Leader Guide  Novelli, Michael  
DVD228  DVD  Biblical Stewardship: Our Duty and Delight  Powell, Dr. Mark Allan  
DVD43=  DVD  The Lutheran Course     
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