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B4893  Book  Luther's Works, Volume 20 : Lectures on the Minor Prophets III Zechariah  Luther, Martin  
B4892  Book  Luther's Works, Volume 19: Lectures on the Minor Prophets II Jonah Habakkuk  Luther, Martin  
B4891  Book  Luther's Works Volume 18: Lectures on the Minor Prophets I Hosea - Malachi  Luther, Martin  
B4890  Book  Luther's Works Volume 17: Lectures on Isaiah Chapters 40-66  , Martin Luther  
B4889  Book  Luther's Works Volume 16: Lectures on Isaiah Chapters 1-39  Luther, Martin  
B4888  Book  Luther's Works Volume 15: Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon and the Last Words of David, 2 Samuel 23: 1-7  Luther, Martin  
B4887  Book  Luther's Works Volume 11: Lectures on the Psalms II: Chapters 76-126  Luther, Martin  
B4886  Book  Luther's Works: Volume 8: Lectures on Genesis Chapters 45-50  Luther, Martin  
B4885  Book  Luther's Works, v. 7: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 38-44  Luther, Martin  
B4884  Book  Luther's Works: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 31-37 (Luther's Works) (Luther's Works (Concordia))  Luther, Martin  
B4883  Book  Luther's Works, Volume 5: Lectures on Genesis, Chapters 26-30  Luther, Martin  
B4882  Book  Luther's Works Lectures on Genesis/Chapters 21-25 (Luther's Works (Concordia))  Luther, Martin  
DVD517  DVD  Introduction to the New Testament  Carlson, Rick, Sarah Henrich, and Ray Pickett  
DVD516  DVD  Introduction to the Old Testament  Klein, Ralph W. and Katheryn Schifferdecker  
DVD515  DVD  Ethics in Lutheran Perspective  Nessan, Craig L.  
DVD514  DVD  Systematic Theology: Fundamentals of Christian Theology     
DVD513  DVD  Getting Down to Basics  Wengert, Timothy  
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