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DVD456  DVD  Preparing a Pastor: The Lay Internship Committee's Role in a Holy Journey     
B4627  Book  Hal and the Prickle Problem(Frolic Little Steps, Big Faith  Bell, Lucy J.  
B4626  Book  Coaching 101: Handbook  Logan, Robert E. and Gary B. Reinecke  
DVD455  DVD  Dialogues on The Refugee Crisis     
DVD454  DVD  Think. Believe. Do.: Sin     
B4625  Book  Coaching 101: Discover the Power of Coaching  Logan, Robert/Carlton, Sherilyn  
B4624  Book  Greening Congregations Handbook  Barnett, Tanya  
B4623  Book  Building the bridge as you walk on it : A guide for leading change  Quinn, Robert E.  
B4622  Book  Liberal theology: A radical vision  Hodgson, Peter Crafts  
B4621  Book  Mere Christianity : A revised and amplified edition  Lewis, C. S.  
DVD453  DVD  Resurrection  Lucado, Max  
DVD452  DVD  Love and Logic Solutions  Fay, Jim  
DVD451  DVD  Mr. Holland's Opus     
DVD450  DVD  Christmas Child  Lucado, Max  
DVD449  DVD  The Christmas Card     
DVD448  DVD  Chicken Soup for the Soul  Hill, Dule/Grillo, Frank/Matlin, Marlee  
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