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HB2009062  Book  1 John  Busboom et al  
HB11079  Book  1, 2 Corinthians, Leader and Student  Williams, Ritva  
HB10058  Book  1,2 Samuel (Book of Faith)  Levy, J.David Vasquez  
V2005154  Video  10-10-80: Empowering Steward Leaders  ELCA  
HB10113  Book  100 Crafts for School Kids  Jackson (ed)  
HB13142  Book  100's of Songs, Games, and More!  Schmidt, Doug  
HB2003015  Book  100+ Ways to Improve Hymnsinging  Hopson, Hal  
HB17043  Book  101 Crafts to Help Kids Grow in Their Faith  Easton, Laurine  
HB10093  Book  101 Great Games for Kids  Roehlkepartain, Jolene  
HB2003009  Book  101 Great Ideas to Create a Caring Group  Corrigan, Thom  
HB90400c  Book  101 Openings for Church Schools  Short, Carolyn L.  
HB566  Book  12 Steps - The path to wholeness  Peace, Richard  
HB97181  Book  18 Special Worship Celebrations  Cowen, Cynthia E.  
HB11090  Book  200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One  Wood, Shawn  
HB10116  Book  200+Activities for Children's Ministry  Lingo (ed)  
V2005120  Video  2005 Churchwide Assembly: Report of the Secretary     
V2006084  Video  2006 ELCA Identity  Hanson, Mark  
HB99052  Book  264 Great Outreach Ideas for Individual Christians and for Churches  Heck, Joel [ed]  
V10011  Video  36 Parables: Amber     
V10010  Video  36 Parables: Blue     
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