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Resource: DVD (DVD766) Across the Centuries: The Church Constitution Today DVD Version     
Author: J.W. Gregg Meister
Publisher: Interlink Media, 2005
Length: 10 mins
Heading: YO2 — Youth Confir.& Cre/Cat/Sac
Subjects: Christians, Presbyterians & Other Religions; Youth
# Copies: 1
Description: **Taken from the book summary on the back cover and/or preface pages**

In this DVD "John Calvin" teaches Presbyterians about those documents which are foundational to our faith. In this 10 minute video Calvin appears in a celestial "spaceship" to encourage us in our faith and life together. Useful for officer training, new membership and confirmational classes.

Includes DVD extras including: "Dignity and Deceny: Parliamentary Procedure" and "Cuba" the award-winning video documenting our Presbyterian presence in Cuba.
Age Groups: Middle School; High School

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