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Resource: Curriculum (Curr9=) Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding     
Publisher: Congregational Ministries Division, 2011
Heading: AD1 — Adult Bible Study
Subjects: Adult; Bible; Church Year; Young Adults
 Description: **Taken from the book summary on the back cover and/or preface pages**

The Being Reformed curriculum for adults is one expression of the desire to open up what it means to be Prebyterian Christians in the world today. Our purpose is to enhance, enrich, and expand our insights. These studies engage our whole selves. We want Presbyterians to grow in understandings of elements that are foundational and significant for their faith. Encounters with theology, church, worship, spirituality/discipleship, and social righteousness will guide our ways.
Age Groups: Young Adult (18-25); Adult (25-55); Adult (55+)

Resources in this series:

  • (Curr9) Being Reformed: The Confession of Belhar Participant's and Leader's Books
  • (Curr11) Being Reformed: Temptation in the Desert Participant's and Leader's Books
  • (Curr12) Being Reformed: Seven Days to Glory: Holy Week Participant's and Leader's Books
  • (Curr13) Being Reformed: The Lord's Prayer Participant's and Leader's Books
  • (Curr14) Being Reformed: Seeking Social Justice Paticipant's and Leader's Books
  • (Curr15) Being Reformed: Re-membering Baptism Participant's and Leader's Books
  • (Curr21) Being Reformed: Seeing Jesus in John's Gospel
  • (Curr22) Being Reformed: Christian Living in God's Splendor
  • (Curr603) Being Reformed: Faith, Hope, Love, and Witness The PC(USA) Form of Government
  • (Curr604) Being Reformed: Enough, God's Blessings in Abundance
  • (Curr605) Being Reformed: Church History: Those Who Shaped the Christian Faith
  • (Curr843) Being Reformed: Discipleship, The Way of Jesus
  • (Curr846) Being Reformed: The Church and Politics
  • (Curr856) Being Reformed: Exploring the Book of Confessions
  • (Curr857) Being Reformed: Into All the World, Participating in God's Mission
  • (Curr1444) Being Reformed: The Prophets Still Speak
  • (Curr1445) Being Reformed: Reading the Bible for Understanding
  • (Curr1582) Being Reformed: Faith and Science
  • (Curr1583) Being Reformed: The Heidelberg Catechism
  • (Curr1794) Being Reformed: Illuminating Advent
  • (Curr1807) Being Reformed: Illuminating Lent

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