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Resource: Curriculum (Curr1802) Animate Journal: Faith     
Series: (Curr1801=) Animate Curriculum
Author: Carla Barnhill
Heading: AD1 — Adult Bible Study
Subjects: Adult; Young Adults
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9781451430844
 Description: **Taken from the book summary on the back cover and/or preface pages**

***Includes Facilitators Guide, DVD, and student journal***

This adult course imaginatively explores central topics of Christianity. In each Animate: Faith session, the group will watch a video featuring a leading voice from the Christian faith, spend time on personal reflection and journaling, and share ideas with the group. Each session delves into a faith topic: God, religion, Jesus, salvation, the cross, the Bible, and church.
Age Groups: Middle School; High School; Young Adult (18-25)

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