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Resource: Scipt (Scr19) Bible Story Choral Readings     
Author: mary A. Magers
Publisher: Meriwether publishing Ltd
Heading: WO2 — Worship Skits/Plays
Subjects: Worship; Young Adults; Youth
# Copies: 8
Description: **Taken from the book summary on the back cover and/or preface pages**

Choral Reading is a dramatic form of expression for small or large groups. Through its use the beauty and message of the Scriptures become an emotional experience for both the participants and the audience.

The stirring account in Daniel of the supreme faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego as they faced the fiery furnance becomes an unforgettable experience when presented as a choral reading. Likewise, Noah's unique calling and adventure with the ark is lifted from a childhood story to the cataclysmic event it truly was, climaxed by God's promise. For impressive material for Easter, the choral reading of The Eight Last Words makes the crucifixion a truly moving religious experience.
Age Groups: Tween; Middle School; High School; Young Adult (18-25); Adult (25-55); Adult (55+)

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