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B9781893349301  Books  the proper care and feeding of marriage  Dr. Laura Schlessinger  
B9781893349300  Books  The Maker's Diet  Jordan Rubin  
B9780195116618  Books  Improving care for the end of life : A sourcebook for health caremanagers and clinicians  Lynn, Joanne  
B9781893349212  Books  Handbook of Adolescent Death and Bereavement  Charles A. Corr  
B9780231122467  Books  Living through loss Interventions across the life span     
B9781893349211  Books  Loss & Anticipatory Grief  Therese A. Rando  
B9781893349210  Books  When Your Spouse Dies  Cathleen L. Curry  
B9781560322788  Books  Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death, and Grief  Irish, Donald P.  
B9781583910061  Books  Living with Grief At work, at school, at worship  Davidson, Joyce.  
B9780062553836  Books  The Healing Way Adult recovery from childhood sexual abuse  Kunzman, Kristin A.  
B9780415946155  Books  Voices of Bereavement  Beder, Joan  
B9780814407813  Books  Absolute Honesty  Johnson, Larry  
B9781893349018  Books  Living with Grief  Doka, Kenneth J.  
B9781560325789  Books  Living with Grief After Sudden Loss  Doka, Kenneth J.  
B9780066620992  Books  Good To Great  Collins, James C.  
B9781572241077  Books  Better boundaries  Black, Jan.  
B9780761902652  Books  Families making sense of death  Nadeau, Janice Winchester.  
B9781558742598  Books  Boundaries and Relationships Knowing, Protecting and Enjoying the Self  Charles L. Whitfield and Foreword by John Amodeo  
B9780877936701  Books  May I walk you home? : Courage and comfort for caregivers of the veryill : stories  Hutchison, Joyce.  
B9781572242098  Books  The assertiveness workbook : How to express your ideas and stand upfor yourself at work and in relat  Paterson, Randy J.  
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