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KT5BX029  Kit  Lenten Candles, The  Dyck, Paul  
BK1GX055  Book  Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers  McKim, Donald  
DVD1AA011  DVD  So, You've Been Elected an Elder...  PCUSA  
EQQXX034  Equipment  Overhead Projector, Portable     
DVD9AX002  DVD  Only Angels Can Wing It: the Rest of Us Have to Practice  Higgs, Liz Curtis  
EQQXX003 B  Equipment  DVD Projector - 2     
BK5AX293  Book  Preaching and Worshiping in Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany: Years A, B, and C     
BK5AX102  Book  Is It Christmas Yet? Five Candle Lighting Dialogues  Flath, Joanne  
BK5BX139  Book  Un-Bunny Book, The  Widenhouse, Kathy  
KT5BX038  Kit  Props for Easter!  Sellepack, Shelly  
BK5BX306  Book  Give Up Something Bad for Lent : An Lenten Study for Adults  Moore, James  
EQQXX002 E  Equipment  Epson Data Projector 3200 purchased after 2015     
CU2ME003  Curriculum  I Know My Bible     
KT5AX072  Kit  Advent Candlelighting  Pargman, Susan  
BK5AX138  Book  Christmas Classic Celebration, A: Candlelight Service - Christmas Eve  Caudill, Roy  
KT5AX073  Kit  Building the Nativity  Martin, Gail  
KT5BX066  Kit  Easter Tree  Martin, Gail  
EQQXX031 A  Equipment  Easel 1 (Lightweight Aluminum)     
BK5BX004A  Book  Creative Ideas For Lent, Volume 1     
KT5AX090  Kit  Listen To Christmas  Smith, Judy  
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