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Resource: DVD (DV507) Celebrate What's Right with the World (DVD)     
Author: Jones, Dewitt
Publisher: Star Thrower, 2001
Vendor: Star Thrower
Length: 22 mins
Subjects: Change; Happiness; Joy; Leadership Development; Motivation; Possibility; Risk-taking; Vision
# Copies: 3 (1 previous reservation found)
  Copy A: 4/15/2019-5/30/2019
 Description: National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones asks: “Do we choose to see possibilities? Do we really believe they’re there?” In this video, he assures us that there is always more than one right answer. When we celebrate what’s right with the world, we identify the possibilities and find solutions for many of the challenges before us. When we see the opportunities in every situation, we discover the courage to soar.

The segments (and key concepts) in this 2001 video include:
• Introduction (0:00)
• Believe It and You’ll See It (1:11)
• Recognize Abundance (5:30)
• Look for Possibilities (7:05)
• Unleash Your Energy to Fix What’s Wrong (9:02)
• Ride The Changes (10:41)
• Take Yourself to Your Edge (13:01)
• Be Your Best for the World (14:27)s]
• Conclusion (18:28)

The resource includes a leader's guide, workbook and PowerPoint CD-ROM.

This resource is also available to IRMS subscribers through streaming as ST2.
Age Groups: Senior High; Young Adult; Adult

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