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Resource: DVD (DV184) Christianity and World Religions: Wrestling with Questions People Ask     
Author: Hamilton, Adam
Publisher: Abingdon Press, 2005
Vendor: Cokesbury
Length: 90 mins
Subjects: Buddhism; Christianity; Hinduism; Islam; Judaism; Small Groups; World Religions
# Copies: 4
 Description: "Christianity and World Religions" is a small-group study that explores four major world religions -- Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism -- and compares the beliefs of each of those with Christianity. This six-week study deals openly and honestly with questions people ask about other religions, including why we should believe the claims of Christianity over those of other faiths. As part of the study, Hamilton interviews a religious leader from each tradition. He treats the world religions with great respect, recognizing the unique contributions of each. He closes by distilling the essential beliefs of Christianity, in light of the other religious beliefs that have been presented. The accompanying CD-ROM includes customizable promotional, planning, and evaluation tools, along with other helpful resources.

Included are:
- Paperback book "Christianity and World Religions: Wrestling with Questions People Ask"
- DVD with six 15-minute presentations by Adam Hamilton
- Leader's Guide
- Pastor's Guide with Outreach Tools on CD-ROM (to expand the study into a community-wide event)
Age Groups: Young Adult; Adult

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