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Resource: Book (BK2012) Probity Jones and the Fear Not Angel     
Author: Wangerin, Walter, Jr.
Publisher: Paraclete Press, 2005
Vendor: Paraclete Press
Length: 32 pages
Subjects: Angels; Children's Books; Children's Church; Christmas
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9781557254573
 Description: It was Christmas Eve. Probity's family was going to church for the Christmas pageant. Probity herself was to be the "Fear Not Angel", but she was sick. As she lay on the living room couch she could hear her mother, brother and sister walking away through the snow to church. She gazed through the window at the lonely moon, perfectly white and felt so miserable.

Knock! Knock! Someone was knocking on the third floor window. Outside the glass was a beautiful person dressed all in white, bright as the moon and tall as the night. She opened the window and by the tips of her fingers the lovely person said "Come, Probity Jones. It's time t go."

And so begins a breathtaking flight up to the pathways of the moon, across the sea as deep as dreaming and down to a Christmas pageant beyond imagining.

This 32 page beautifully illustrated Christmas story will enchant youth and adults alike and bring warmth, joy and new meaning to the Christmas season.

The illustrations are presented by award winning Tim Ladwig
Age Groups: Preschool; Lower elementary; Upper Elementary; Junior High; Senior High; Young Adult; Adult; Senior Adult (N/A)

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