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Resource: Kit (KT376) Promise for Tomorrow, A: A Youth Curriculum Unit for the Awareness and Prevention of Youth Suicide     
Publisher: The Jason Foundation, 2017
Vendor: The Jason Foundation
Length: 37
Subjects: Bullying; Depression; Family Life; Mental Health; Self-Esteem; Self-Injury; Suicide; Youth
# Copies: 1
 Description: Developed by the Jason Foundation, this is a 3 or 5 session curriculum is designed to be used in middle and high school settings. It teaches awareness and suicide prevention in the 3rd person: "How I can help a friend." It identifies the warning signs that your friend is contemplating suicide:

• Suicide threats
• Depression
• Anger, increased irritability
• Lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed
• Sudden increase/decrease in appetite
• Sudden change in appearance
• Dwindling academic performance
• Sudden failure to complete assignments
• Preoccupation with death and suicide
• An “I don’t care” attitude about school or other activities
• Final arrangements
• Previous suicide attempts

The program is designed to equip teens with a three-part approach to the problem of teen suicide:

• Be Aware – understand the problem of teen suicide
• Be Able to Identify – identify a friend who may be hurting and look for the warning signs
• Be Prepared to React – develop a plan of action in the event your friends display warning signs

This clinical, evidence-based program is founded on over 9 years of field testing through classroom use with over 1.7 million student participants. While the resource is updated every two years, the basic program remains the same. A minor part of the overall resource, the DVD, however, is a bit dated (i.e. the teens use flip phones and carry their backpacks on one shoulder). However, this dated-ness may also offer a little humor to make these hard topics more approachable.

The Jason Foundation’s origins can be traced back to the life of one young man, Jason Flatt. Jason was a lively, athletic and bright 16-year-old who was excited about just securing his driver’s license. He was a good student and looked forward to the coming football season. However, all this excitement and anticipation ended on July 16, 1997, when Jason took his own life. One brash, irrational decision took away a son, a brother and a friend from those who loved him. In that brief moment, the lives of his family and friends were forev-er changed.

▪ Lesson Plans
▪ PowerPoint DVD
▪ Poster
▪ B1 Cards
▪ A Friend Asks App Info Cards
▪ Additional support materials available free of charge at:
Age Groups: Junior High; Senior High; Young Adult; Adult

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