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Resource: DVD (DV1603) God Knows Where I Am     
Author: Wider, Jedd and Wider, Todd
Publisher: Wider Film Productions, 2016
Length: 100 mins
Subjects: Documentary; Homelessness; Loneliness; Mental Health; Politics
# Copies: 1
 Description: The body of a homeless woman is found in an abandoned New Hampshire farmhouse. Beside the body, lies a diary that documents a journey of starva-tion and the loss of sanity, told with poignance, beauty, humor, and spirituali-ty. For nearly four months during one of the coldest winters on record, Linda Bishop, a prisoner of her own mind, survived on apples and rain water, wait-ing for God to save her. As her story unfolds from different perspectives, in-cluding her own, we learn about our systemic failure to protect those who can-not protect themselves. She resisted her diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder with psychoses, and the outcome was death. Though her words are heavy and hard to hear, her diary is a gift she has given to us. These words add weight to the film; they are words that we need to hear.

Filmmakers Jedd Wider and Todd Wider give dignity to this woman’s death and encapsulates empathy for the homeless population. This powerful por-trayal not only helps us to understand mental illness, but also the homeless, two groups of people stigmatized and ignored.
Age Groups: Adult

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