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Resource: DVD (DV1598) Raising Children of Divorce: Practical Help for Parents     
Author: Stahl, Philip M., Ph.D.
Publisher: Paraclete Press, 2004
Vendor: Donation
Length: 35 mins
Subjects: Children; Conflict Resolution; Divorce; Family Life; Parenting; Suicide
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9781557253743
 Description: The divorce of one's parents is a traumatic event in a child's life. The biggest concern for almost all divorcing parents is how their children will be hurt by the breakup and what they should do to help their children. To parents and adults who work with children, this resource offers concrete ways to help children through divorce. Hosted by Dr. Philip Stahl, this video presents a healthy perspective on walking children through one of the most difficult times they will ever face.

This video provides helpful information and insights on:

• Telling Your Child about Your Divorce
• Recognizing Levels of Conflict
• Developmental Needs of Children Through the Years after a Divorce
• Helping Your Child Lead a Healthy Life after a Divorce

The brief video segments include:
1. Introduction (1 min)
2. Telling Your Child about Your Divorce (5 min)
3. How Your Battles Affect Your Children (2 min)
4. Fighting and Wounds it Causes (4 min)
5. Conflict-Producing Behavior (1 min)
6. Managing Your Conflict (1 min)
7. Developmental Need of Children Through the Years after Divorce (8 min)
8. Healthy Parenting after Divorce (2 min)
9. Dating and How it Affects Your Children (2 min)

▪ 8-sheet booklet – Shattering Dreams and Raising Children of Divorce: Resources for Divorce Recovery
Age Groups: Adult

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