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Resource: DVD (DV1596) Along the Road: How Jesus Used Geography to Tell God's Story     
Author: Beck, John A.
Publisher: Discovery House, 2018
Vendor: Cokesbury
Length: 62 mins
Subjects: Bethlehem; Bible History; Jesus Christ; Jesus in the Wilderness; Jesus' Teachings; Lent; Mount Moreh; Sermon on the Mount; The Great Commission; Travel
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9781627077323
 Description: While walking the roads of the Holy Land, Jesus often taught His followers lessons that would come down to us through God’s Word. But, from our perspective – in our very different time and place – many of the Lord’s allusions to the surrounding landscape have been lost. In this resource, John Beck highlights how the land provided talking points and how Jewish teachers used the hills and valleys as a lesson plan. Beck takes you through the life and ministry of Christ in a seven-part program that starts with the birth of Christ in a Bethlehem stable.

Follow Beck through the Holy Land as he shares details which will enhance your own spiritual journey. Accept Jesus’s invitation to “Come follow me” (Matthew 4:19) and learn from Him as we walk along the road.

The seven sessions are:

1) Bethlehem: birthplace of salvation (7 min)
2) Into the wilderness: baptism and temptation (8 min)
3) To Mount Moreh: raising a widow’s son (9 min)
4) Toward the Gihon Spring: the coronation (9 min)
5) To the Decapolis: casting out demons (10 min)
6) To Mount Hermon: Son of the Living God (10 min)
7) To Mount Arbel: Sermon on the Mount and the Great Commission (9 min)

According to the IRMS Preview Committee, this resource is an “interesting exploration of the background of Jesus’ life and ministry.” Connecting the resource to the scripture, with its visuals and music, this study would be good for Lent.

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Age Groups: Adult

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