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Resource: Compact Disc (CD124) Growing Deeper     
Series: (CD122=) Growing Giving, Growing Generosity, and Growing Deeper
Publisher: Presbyterian Church (USA), 2014
# Copies: 1
 Description: These nine sermons from noted pastors provide ideas for sermons on Growing Deeper around the topic of Stewardship. These sermon will provide ideas for fresh and stimulating sermon ideas. These sermons come from churches in California to Virginia and given during 2014

Also in this series are sermons dealing with Growing Giving (CD122) and Growing Generosity (CD 123)

Dr. Steve Eason "One Grateful Leper" Luke 17:11-19 27:25
Dr. Alice Ridgill "Generosity Changes Everything" Acts 20:35
Dr. Dave Davis "Faithful in Much" Luke 16:1-14 19:04
Dr. Christopher Edmonston "The Test and The Touch" Psalm 24,
II Corintians 9:6-15 23:17
Rev. Mindy Douglas "Stewards of God's Gifts" Isaiah 65:17-25
I Timothy 6:17-19 16:47
Dr. Paul Kirbas "A Wealth of Generosity" II Corinthians 8:1-15
Dr. Peter James "The Teasure Priciple" Matthew 6:19-21 23:14
Rev. Maggie Lauterer "The Act of Stewardship: Bonsai or Big
Cedar?" Ezekiiel 17:22-24, Luke 13:18-19 11:00
Dr. Richard Kannwischer " A Good Investment Strategy"
Matthew 25:14-30 35:52
Age Groups: Adult; Senior Adult (N/A)

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