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Resource: Compact Disc (CD122) Growing Giving     
Series: (CD122=) Growing Giving, Growing Generosity, and Growing Deeper
Publisher: 2010
Vendor: Presbyterian Church (USA)
Location: Various
# Copies: 1
 Description: These eight sermons from noted pastors provide ideas for sermons on Giving around the topic of Stewardship. These sermon will provide ideas for fresh and stimulating sermon ideas. These sermons come from churches in California to Georgia and Minnesota to Florida as given during 2010.

Also in this series are sermons dealing with Growing Generosity (CD123) and Growing Deeper (CD 124)

Rev. Mark Brewer Parables-Stewardship 33:51
Dr Cynthia Campbell Blessed 20:50
Rev Christine Chakoian Calling Us to Righteousness
Dr Jim Kim From Scarcity to Abundance
Dr Mark Lomax Improverished Giving 36:04
Dr John Ortberg, Jr Make It All About Money 39:42
Dr Dave Peterson Invest in Others 27:23
Dr David Swanson The Impact of Economics 23:45
Age Groups: Adult; Senior Adult (N/A)

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