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Resource: DVD (DV1589) U Turn, The: A Transformational Journey     
Series: (DV1335=) Immigration Trilogy by Luis Argueta
Author: Argueta, Luis
Publisher: Maya Media, 2017
Length: 58 mins
Subjects: Documentary; Immigration; Iowa; Sexual Abuse; Social Concerns; Social Justice; Violence; Womens Rights
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  Copy B: 10/23/2018-3/29/2019
 Description: Important and timely, The U Turn is the third documentary in Luis Argueta’s immigration trilogy. It narrates the transformational journey of the immigrant workers who broke the silence about the abuses they endured at the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa, and the community that did not abandon them. The film showcases the U-Visa, an immigration relief part of VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) which needs to be publicized to and understood by immigrant workers, immigration rights advocates and law-enforcement.

Postville is the place where most U-visas have been obtained for victims of violent crimes, including, in a workplace context, child laborers. Workers and their families obtained a total of 179 U-visas in Postville where – supported by the community – a courageous group of women and child workers bravely collaborated with authorities by reporting their aggressors. As Midwesterners and Iowans, we need to know about and try to understand this painful part of Iowa’s history and how the community it which it happened stood together with the immigrants.

In the current climate in migrant communities in the United States, the ghost of fear has resurfaced. Fathers, mothers and children, even the 4.1 million American child citizens (with at least one undocumented parent) experience the daily terror of being separated. One of the serious consequences of living in this dai-ly fear is that many victims of violent crimes are afraid of authorities and opt to keep silent about their aggressors.

The U Turn is an educational, awareness and advocacy tool on the reality of migration, the rights of migrants, the remedies available to them when denouncing any crime of which they are victims, and the crucial importance of community support and solidarity. This is a local story with national implications.

NOTE: This film includes some language that may make some individuals uncomfortable, so it should be previewed before showing it.

The IRMS collection includes the other two documentaries in the trilogy: abUSed: The Postville Raid (DV1335) and Abrazos (DV1336).
Age Groups: Senior High; Young Adult; Adult

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