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Resource: DVD (DV1587) New Playlist, A: Hearing Jesus in a Noisy World     
Author: Armstrong, Jacob
Publisher: Abingdon, 2018
Vendor: Cokesbury
Length: 72 mins
Subjects: Discernment; Fear; Love; Mens Series; Mens Study; Peace; Small Groups; Worry
# Copies: 2
ISBN/ISSN: 9781501843518
 Description: Whether we know it or not, we are living with a playlist. It sounds like this: You have to do everything. You have to say "yes" to everything. You are supposed to be in all places at all times. This playlist causes us great anxiety. Add in schedule overload and multiple distractions, and we become stressed and anxious.

Jesus gives us a different playlist. It says: You are supposed to do two things: love God and love your neighbor. Saying no is often the best yes. You can only be in one place at a time. This resource addresses the anxiety, distraction, addiction, and schedule overload that result from listening to the world's playlist and gives us permission to hear and live by Jesus' words.

In his warm, engaging style, Jacob Armstrong guides participants through the six-week group study based on the six chapters of the book and the six 10-12-minute video segments. The sessions include:

1) Let in the Light (12:33 min)
2) Who is your Master? (11:44 min)
3) Do not be Afraid (10:59 min)
4) Rule Followers, Rule Breakers (11:34 min)
5) The Right Words (9:45 min)
6) The Power of Connection (9:32 min)

1) Meet Jacob Armstrong (4:31 min)
2) Preview (1:08 min)

All videos sessions are closed captioned.
Age Groups: Young Adult; Adult

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