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Resource: DVD (DV1573) Defying Gravity - Break Free from the Culture of More     
Author: Berlin, Tom
Publisher: Abingdon, 2016
Vendor: Cokesbury
Length: 41 mins
Subjects: Discipleship; Generosity; Stewardship
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9781501813443
 Description: Stuff. And more stuff. And even more stuff. The next thing you know, we’re pulled into the orbit of materialism! In this five session study, Tom Berlin takes a look at the difference between “want” and “need” and illustrates how possessions can create an unbearable weight on our lives. He shows us how too much stuff affects our ability to serve and thrive, and then he helps us ex-plore what is required to sustain a vibrant life.

Perfect for a four-week stewardship campaign and/or a small-group study, the resource includes a book; a leader guide with multiple format options; a DVD of “Generosity Moments” with stories of how generosity has shaped and changed lives; a program flash drive or download with campaign guide, handouts, tools, and videos for pastor mentoring and worship; and a Pastor Guide, A Generous Church. Break free from the culture of “more” and help your congregation become, instead, a church of generosity. The sessions in-clude:

1) Al (8:47 min) – reflecting on the journey to generosity
2) Catherine and Navin (7:36 min) – immigrants from India
3) Tony (8:52 min) – the journey from wealth to generosity
4) Jordan (7:27 min) – a child takes on a cause
Bonus: Generosity Moment – Pam (7:59 min) – a divorcee

NOTE: This resource may be most effective in middle class and affluent con-gregations.

▪ Leader Guide
Age Groups: Adult

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