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Resource: DVD (DV1566) Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love     
Author: Willimon, William
Publisher: Abingdon Press, 2017
Vendor: Cokesbury
Length: 73 mins
Subjects: Acceptance; Change; Christian Living; Church Vitality; Culture and Tradition; Diversity; Faith ; Fear; Immigration; Race Relations; Racism; Relationships; Trust
# Copies: 2
ISBN/ISSN: 9781501857249
 Description: Who are the “others” you fear? Is it the woman you see wearing a hijab while she sits on a park bench watching her child on the playground as you sit on a different bench nearby watching your son? Is it the group of teenagers clad all in black standing outside the pharmacy when you stop to pick up a prescription? Or, is it the person who sometimes sacks your groceries at your favorite store who makes you wonder if they’re male or female, or may be in the process of transitioning from one to the other? Do you cross the street when you check out the block you’re walking on and see a homeless person sprawled on the sidewalk up ahead?

In this age of xenophobia and talk of building walls, this five-week small group study invokes the Gospel command to love (and not merely tolerate) those considered to be “other” or outside mainstream Christian culture. In an on-screen conversation that’s very basic with a non-technical, Wesleyan perspective that might best be suited to small church, non-urban groups, noted author William H. Willimon and Delia Catalina Ramirez, Deputy Director of the Community Renewal Society of Chicago, converse about what may be the hardest thing for people of faith to do: keeping and loving the other as other.

Rooted in the New Testament understanding of Gentile outsiders grafted into the covenant community, this study invites readers to an on-the-ground faith that hearkens to a soliciting and revealing God – the God who comes to us again and again through so-called outsiders, strangers, immigrants, and those without status.
The five sessions are:

• Session 1: Saved by the Other – Willimon and Ramirez share personal experiences in not only encountering but going “down deep” with the other in their lives. (18 min)
• Session 2: The Other, My Enemy – The two converse about how often our fear is totally out of proportion to the actual threat. Why is it that we fear “foreign terrorists,” when “domestic terrorists” have actually taken more lives in this country? (15 min)
• Session 3: Learning to Fear like Christians – The question is asked, “Is the fear of God passe?” Can you give up your fear? (15 min)
• Session 4: Loving the Other in Church – The point is made that sometimes churches die because their focus has a more of an inner focus than an outer one, and Willimon wonders why he has used the phrase “hermeneutic of hospitality,” which he actually now thinks is a pretty “uppity” way of saying interpretation of hospitality. (13 min)
• Session 5: Jesus, the Other – Through the story of a “Jesus Rave” in Birmingham, Alabama Willimon makes the point that God is larger than we think, extending far beyond our own circle. (14 min.)
Age Groups: Senior High; Young Adult; Adult

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