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Resource: DVD (DV1539) Story Keepers: Sink or Swim & Starlight Escape     
Series: (DV918=) Story Keepers series
Author: Stem, J. David & McFarlane, Rob
Publisher: Shepherd Films, Ltd., 1996
Vendor: Zondervan
Length: 60 mins
Subjects: Animation; Childrens Ministry; Christmas; Epiphany; Magi; Mary, Mother of Jesus; Miracles of Jesus; Nativity; New Testament; Parables; Parables: Builder; Parables: Pharisee and the Tax Collector; Spanish Language; Storytelling; Teacher Resources
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9780310716556
 Description: This DVD contains two episodes from the classic "Story Keepers" series. The series is set in Rome in A.D. 64, some thirty years after Jesus' death, where the main characters (the Storykeepers) strive to keep Jesus' stories alive. The episodes on this DVD include:

5. Sink or Swim - This episode tells of a secret search for Justin's father on a Roman slave ship which leads to high-seas adventure. Gospel clips for this episode include: Two Houses, Pharisee and Tax Collector, and Jesus Heals the Paralytic.

6. Starlight Escape - Ben and his family are traveling by night to a nearby city. Christians there are waiting to hear Ben's stories about Jesus. But Nero's soldiers give chase, and Milo, the strange old wagon driver, breaks a wagon wheel escaping them. While Ben tells the kids the story of Jesus' birth, Milo fixes the wheel. What if Milo can't be trusted? Could he really be leading them into a trap, like Zak suspects? Gospel clips for this episode include: The Magi, Flight into Egypt, The Annunciation, and The Birth of Jesus.

BK577 is available to use as a leader's guide, if desired. The DVD contains both English and Spanish tracks.
Age Groups: Lower elementary; Upper Elementary

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