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Resource: Book (BK1998) Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives You Life     
Author: Linn, Dennis & Sheila Fabricant Linn and Matthew Linn
Publisher: Paulist Press, 1995
Vendor: Donation
Length: 73 pages
Subjects: Clarity; Discernment; Reconciliation; Self-Development
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9780809135790
 Description: This book is about asking ourselves two questions: For what am I most grateful? For what am I least grateful? These questions help us identify moments of consolation and desolation. (Examen)

From the authors: "We have given retreats in over forty countries,and we find that regardless of culture or age group, this simple process is the most helpful way for people to hear the voice of God guiding them from within. For example, should people bring us many questions ranging from, 'Should I change my job?' to 'What can help me with my depression?' We usually suggest they spend the next month focusing each day on the examen questions. Such people often return a month later having discovered from their own experience of consolation and desolation exactly what they should do more of and less of in order to resolve their problem.

Chapters include:
Part I: The Examen
Why We Need the Examen
The Examen Can Guide Our Lives
When Other People Want Us to Tell Them What to Do
Everyday Experience Is Divine Revelation
Finding Our Sealed Orders
Sharing the Examen with Another
Sharing the Examen as a Family
What If You Have No One to Share With?
Examen Process
Part II: Nine Hundred Candles
There Are Many Times and Places for the Examen
Doing Only the First Examen Question
Examen of the Past Year
Healing the Future
Final Examen
Giving Our Bread Away
Part III: Questions & Answers
Examen of This Book
Resources for Further Growth
About the Authors
Age Groups: Young Adult; Adult

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