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BK82  Book  Clip and Tell Bible Stories  Keffer, Lois  
BK513  Book  Crafts & More for Children's Ministry  Henley, Karyn & Keffer, Lois  
BK33  Book  Bible Hero Adventures: New Testament  Keffer, Lois  
BK395  Book  Sunday School Specials  Keffer, Lois  
BK1999  Book  All Together Now - Volume 3: 13 Sunday School Lessons When You Have Kids of All Ages in One Room  Keffer, Lois  
BK1946  Book  Jesus' Birth  Keffer, Lois  
BK1945  Book  David and Prince Jonathan  Keffer, Lois  
BK1947  Book  Esther  Keffer, Lois  
BK1951  Book  Jesus Is With Us  Keffer, Lois  
BK1950  Book  Ruth  Keffer, Lois and Melissa C. Downey  
BK1948  Book  Saul's Surprise on the Road to Damascus  Keffer, Lois  
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