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DV1538  DVD  Story Keepers: Breakout! & Raging Waters  Danenberg, Eric J. & McFarlane, Rob  
BK1999  Book  All Together Now - Volume 3: 13 Sunday School Lessons When You Have Kids of All Ages in One Room  Keffer, Lois  
BK1998  Book  Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives You Life  Linn, Dennis & Sheila Fabricant Linn and Matthew Linn  
BK1997  Book  Still More Middle School Talksheets for Ages 11-14  Rogers, David  
BK1996  Book  Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas  Lawrence, Rick  
BK1995  Book  Through the Bible in 12 Weeks: 12 Lessons to Help Students Navigate the Big Picture  Baker, Jenny  
DV1537  DVD  Great Courses, The: The New Testament  Ehrman, Bart  
BK1994  Book  Meeting-Space Ideas for Youth Ministry  Outcalt, Todd  
BK1993  Book  Creative Bible Lessons on the Life of Christ: 12 Ready-to-Use Bible Lessons for Your Youth Group  Fields, Doug  
BK1992  Book  Learning the Skills of Peacemaking  Drew, Naomi  
BK1991  Book  A Baby Is Coming: Un NiƱito viene  Flegal, Daphna  
BK1990  Book  No Potato, No Tomato, Life in the Time of Jesus  Gani, Sarit  
BK1989  Book  Teaching Kids to Love the Earth  Linnea, Ann  
BK1988  Book  Barefoot in the Snow and 51 Other Kids Sermons for Special Times and Topics  Gilmore, Ruth  
BK1987  Book  Purpose Driven Youth Ministry: 9 Essential Foundations for Healthy Growth  Fields, Doug  
DV1536  DVD  Character by God's Design: Volume 2     
DV1488=  DVD  Character by God's Design     
BK1986  Book  Missionary Conferences of the United Methodist Church in the United States  Craig, J. Ann  
BK1985  Book  In Mission Together: A Youth Study on Missionary Conferences  Martini, Kelly C.  
BK1984  Book  Joined and Held Together: A Children's Study on Missionary Conferences  Snider, Margaret Hardy  
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