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KT381  Kit  Whirl Lectionary Year C Fall Grades 3-6     
KT380  Kit  Whirl Lectionary Year C Spring Pre K- Grade 2     
KT379  Kit  Whirl Lectionary Year C Winter PreK- Grade 2     
KT378  Kit  Whirl Lectionary Year C Fall Pre K- Grade 2     
KT377  Kit  Whirl Song Book and Song CD     
KT377=  Kit  Whirl     
DV1612  DVD  Cultures in Conflict: Paul Proclaims Jesus as Lord-Part 2  Vander Laan, Ray  
DV1611  DVD  A Clash of Kingdoms: Paul Proclaims Jesus as Lord-Part 1  Vander Laan, Ray  
BK2015  Book  Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth  Foster, Richard J.  
BK2014  Book  Yoga Mass: Embodying Christ Consciousness  Davis, Gena  
BK2013  Book  24 Hours That Changed the World  Hamilton, Adam  
BK2012  Book  Probity Jones and the Fear Not Angel  Wangerin, Walter, Jr.  
DV1610  DVD  Fed and Forgiven: Communion Preparation and Formation     
DV1609  DVD  Story of Lutheran Revival, The     
BK2011  Book  Room to Grow: Mediations on Trying to Live as a Christian  Copenhaver, Martin B.  
KT376  Kit  Promise for Tomorrow, A: A Youth Curriculum Unit for the Awareness and Prevention of Youth Suicide     
DV1608  DVD  Church of the Small Things: Making a Difference Right Where You Are  Shankle, Melanie  
DV1607  DVD  Twelve Women of the Bible: Life-Changing Stories for Women Today  various  
DV1606  DVD  I'd Like You More if You Were More Like Me: Getting Real About Getting Close  Ortberg, John  
DV1605  DVD  Everybody Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People  Goff, Bob  
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