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B6538  Book  Dancing Standing Still  Rohr, Richard.  
B6537  Book  Interreligious prayer : A Christian guide  Ryan, Thomas  
B6536  Book  Sundays and Seasons 2018  varied  
B6535  Book  Preaching Year B 2018  varied  
B6534  Book  Seventy Times Seven  Doris Donnelly  
B6533  Book  hen Did We See You?: Sixty Creative Activities to Help Fourth to Eighth Graders Recognize Jesus Toda  Wezeman, Phyllis Vos.  
B6532  Book  Ready-to-Go Service Projects: 140 Ways for Youth Groups to Lend a Hand [Paperback]  Susan Ragsdale  
B6531  Book  The 30% secret : Wall Street insider reveals shockingly easy trick formaking more money than you can  Hsu, Robert  
DVD655  DVD Video  The Shack  William Young  
B6530  Book  The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World's Largest Religion Is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christ  McLaren, Brian D.  
B6529  Book  Falling Upward Falling Upward : A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life  Rohr, Richard.  
DVD654  DVD Video  Babette's Feast  Isak Dinesen  
B6528  Book  What Christians Can Learn from Other Religions [Paperback]  Wogaman, J. Philip.  
B6527  Book  Becoming A Contagious Christian [Paperback]  Bill Hybels, Don Cousins and Mark Mittelberg  
B6526  Book  Faith-Sharing: Dynamic Christian Witnessing by Invitation Revised & Expanded edition  Fox, H. Eddie.  
B6525  Book  The Life You've Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People  Ortberg, John.  
B6524  Book  Meeting Jesus Christ  Grove Armstrong  
DVD653  DVD Video  Scottish Covenanters  Ichthus Ministries  
B6523  Book  Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks  Gail Ramshaw  
B6522  Book  No strangers to violence, no strangers to love : Twentieth centuryChristian heroes  Hanley, Boniface.  
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