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119177  DVD  Storytellers: The Life of Noah  Seay, Chris  
119176  DVD  Storytellers: The Life of Nehemiah  Goodloe, Marcus  
119175  DVD  Storytellers: The Life of Mary  Feinberg, Margaret  
120078  DVD  Teaching Moments: Volume 1     
120079  DVD  Teaching Moments: Volume 2     
120080  DVD  Teaching Moments: Volume 3     
120081  DVD  Teaching Moments: Volume 4     
819029  Book  One Hundred and One Methodist Stories  Price, Carl  
820020  Book  Wesley’s Primitive Physic: Or an Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases  Wesley, John  
820021  Book  Turning Corners: Reflections of African Americans in the United Methodist Church from 1961-1993  Daniels, George  
820022  Book  History of the United Methodist Church in Ghana     
820012  Book  WomanPrayer, WomanSong: Resources for Ritual  Winter, Miriam Therese  
820011  Book  Sacred Cows Make Gourmet Burgers: Ministry Anytime, Anywhere, by Anyone  Easum, Bill  
820018  Book  With Justice for All: A Strategy for Community Development  Perkins, John  
820010  Book  On Thundering Wings: Homosexuality, Love and the Church on Trial  Roller, Ermalou McDuffie  
820009  Book  360-Degree Stewardship  Nowery, Kirk  
820023  Book  Transforming Ventures: A Spiritual Guide for Volunteers in Mission  Ives, Jane  
820017  Book  Nature of the Atonement: Four Views  Boyd; Green; Reichenbach; Schreiner  
820024  Book  Nathan Bangs and the Methodist Episcopal Church  Maddox, Jared  
820025  Book  Another Way: Living and Leading Change on Purpose  Lewis; Williams; Baker  
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