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Resource: Sermon Series (SS20102) Behind the Veil: Women of the Bible     
Author: Hamilton, Rev. Adam and COR staff
Publisher: Saving Grace Productions, 2010
Vendor: The Well Bookstore
Length: 200 mins
Subjects: 05-session Study; Adult Ministry; Bible Study; Mid-week ministry; Sunday School; Women of the Bible
# Copies: 1
 Description: Obedient, influential, faithful, resourceful, courageous, passionate, strong - words that describe women of the Bible whose stories you have probably never heard. These extraordinary women lived in a culture that relegated them to hidden roles, but they have much to teach us. This series uncovers the stories of these lesser-known characters of the Bible, revealing their faith and faithfulness even in the midst of great hardship and disappointment. Several of the sessions in this study are presented by the female members of the Church of the Resurrection pastoral staff.

*Rise Up, O Women of God! - Rev. Adam Hamilton
*Faith and Adversity - Rev. Adam Hamilton
*Empowered to Be in Power - Rev. Wendy Chrostek, Rev. Penny Ellwood
*Temptation, Trouble and Triumph - Rev. Nicole Conard, Rev. Penny Ellwood
*When Faith Overcomes Fear - Rev. Penny Ellwood, Rev. Nicole Conard

Contents: 5 DVDs and a study guide.
Age Groups: Young Adult; Adult (30-55); Adult (55+)

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