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Resource: DVD (ACTSPO) Acts: Awakening to God in Everyday life     
Author: Spoelstra, Melissa
Publisher: Abingdon Press, 2021
Vendor: ChristianBook.com
Length: 6 sessions
Heading: PSG-WOM — Personal Spiritual Growth / Women's Study
Subjects: Acts; Holy Spirit
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9781501878244
Description: Learn to awaken to God'’s Spirit today and every day by studying the Book of Acts with Melissa Spoelstra. Whether it'’s because of distractions, busyness, or a case of the blahs, we can experience a drift toward indifference in our spiritual lives. We have a need for an ongoing spiritual awakening if we want to become more aware of God'’s presence and activity in our everyday lives. Journey with the first followers of Jesus and witness the birth and growth of the early church through spiritual awakening to the power of God'’s Spirit, message, freedom, grace, mission, and direction. From their experiences you will learn postures that will help you attune your own spiritual heart to experience God'’s presence, hear G'’s voice, and see God at work all around. This study offers a fresh encounter with God to prepare you to: - Face daily battles - Be able to discern the messages of our culture - Be ready to share God’s love with others always.

Six 20 to 25-minute segments plus an introduction:

Just as we can awaken physically, we can also awaken spiritually, opening our spiritual eyes and ears to experience the power and presence of God. Explore our ongoing need for spiritual awakening as we witness God'’s spirit birth and grow the early church by awakening them to His power, message, freedom, grace, mission, and direction. Running Time: 11:25 Session

1: Awakening to God'’s wer (Acts 1-4)
Learn about Luke, the author of the book and about his heart behind it. We can'’t manufacture passion for God but we can awaken to God'’s power through his Holy Sit.
Running Time: 32:56 Session

2: Awakening to God'’s Msage (Acts 5-9)
God takes our messy lives, creates something beautiful, and calls us to His service. God also awakens us to a clarity about His message so that we can share our faith with others.
Running Time: 26:59 Session

3: Awakening to God'’s Freem (Acts 10-14)
Freedom comes from fully awakening to God and learning to overcome legalism to prioritize the person of Jesus over any patterns and rules of religion. Explore the steps you can take toward greater freedom in everyday life. Running Time: 23:42

4: Awakening to God's Grace (Acts 5-19)
It's important to give grace to others as God gives it to each of us. How do we faithfully engage in conflict with grace and intention? Walk through five steps to use in handling conflict and disagreement. Running Time: 24:40

5: Awakening to God'’s Mion (Acts 20-24)
Melissa deals with the issues of feeling overwhelmed or sometimes apathetic about our sense of mission and purpose. How do we find and sustain our power for mission through both our faithfulness and our dependency on God. Running Time: 27:47

6: Awakening to God'’s Direon (Acts 25-28)
How do we hear God’s voice and direction in complicated situations? We look to the story of Paul'’s journey for inspiration in discerning when to wait and when to move forward when seeking God'’s direction. Running Time: 22:49
Materials: DVD
Leader's Guide
Participant's Guide
Links:Promo: https://youtu.be/CjgXhKG_QnI
Age Groups: Young Adult; Adult (30-65); Adult (65+)

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